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We inform on the publication of the 5, 2009 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine printer friendly RSS facebook
12.05.2009 | 17:48 |


L. Korniichuk, V. Shevchuk.) “Steady development and the global mission of Ukraine» (the end)The authors have analyzed the problem of steady development, clarified the contents of economic theories proposed as a base for a realization of the steady development, and determined the global mission of Ukraine in the provision of the steady development




A. Chukhno. «Actual problems of the development of economic theory on the modern stage» (the end) New processes inherent in the informational post-industrial economy and the necessity of a civilizational approach in economic theory are clarified. The reasons for profound changes in the society’s development and in the state of people are demonstrated, and the regularity of the transformation of an economic person into a creative one is shown. The interconnection of the transition to a post-industrial society and the formation of a modern mechanism of functioning of the economy aimed at the realization of this transition, as well as the necessity to enhance the role of science in the economy’s development, are substantiated.




S. Zakharin. «Savings and investments in Ukraine’s corporative sector in the context of macroeconomic development» – The state of the investment process in Ukraine’s corporative sector is analyzed. Peculiarities of the organization of investments on the level of corporations in the context of macroeconomic development are determined, and some proposals concerning the enhancement of a positive effect of the corporative sector on the investment-innovation development of the economy are developed.




Vitlins’kyi V., Piskunova O., Rybal’chenko L. «Study of the activity of Ukraine’s insurance companies by methods of factor analysis and the theory of fuzzy sets» – With the use of the method of principal factors, the main generalized factors explaining the strategies of Ukraine’s insurance companies on the market of insurance services are separated. To obtain the greater adequacy of the factor model to real processes, a dynamical factor model of the activity of insurance companies is constructed with the use of elements of the theory of fuzzy sets. On its basis, the authors study the activity of Ukraine’s insurance companies in 2001–2005.





O. Borodina, I. Prokopa. «Development of villages in Ukraine: the formation problems» (the end) The methodological-theoretic principles of the development of villages and the real practice of solving the relevant problems in Ukraine are considered. The necessity and the practical steps concerning both the formation of the integral domestic policy of the development of villages and its institutional provision are substantiated.

O. Shubravs’ka. «Regional aspect of the steady economic development of Ukraine’s agrifood system» – The collection of indicators to estimate the economic stability of the domestic agrifood system as the union of its regional subsystems is proposed. The development dynamics of the AIC in the regional aspect is analyzed, and the main directions to increase the stability of Ukraine’s agrifood system on the level of state’s regions are substantiated.




Burkyns’kyi B., Stepanov V., Berdnykov S., Selyutin V. «Strategic economic interests of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the Azov-Sea basin» – The authors discuss the economic and resource-ecological interests of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the Azov-Sea basin which have the strategic meaning for both countries and consider the question about the search for efficient organizational forms of the Ukrainian-Russian collaboration in this region.


Zernets’ka O. «The Ukrainian scientific school of globalistics of Professor O. Bilorus»




Pyrozhkov S. «Study of the national economic interests in the context of modern globalization»



Mazaraki A., Lagutin V., Mel’nyk T. «Scientific discussion of the problems of priorities of the national economic development»




The subscription to the journal «Ekonomika Ukrainy» is accepted at any post office of Ukraine for any term till the end of 2009.  It is possible to buy separate issues at the specialized shop of the Publishing House «Presa Ukrainy» at the address:

50 Prospect Peremogi (Metro Station «Shulyavs’ka»), Kyiv-47, 03047 Ukraine;

tel. (044) 454-84-39.





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