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We inform on the publication of the 6 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine printer friendly RSS facebook
17.06.2010 | 13:29 |


Oskolskyi V. On the economic policy of steady development in Ukraine


Kindzerskyi Yu. Economic development and a transformation of the industrial policy in the world: lessons for Ukraine (the end) It is shown that the key limitation for a modernization of the domestic industry and its development in accordance with targets of the development of the Ukrainian society consists in the absence of a balanced industrial policy. On the basis of the study of the world experience, some recommendations about the formation of a progressive model of such a policy in Ukraine are substantiated.




A. Halchynskyi Liberalism evolutionary transformations In the context of the modern global civilizational transformations, the processes determining the liberalism evolution logic and the new aspects of the interrelation of a market and a state are analyzed. Perspectives of the synthesis of the ideas of social-democratism and liberalism are determined.





V.Vovk, A. Makhota On the estimation of dynamic competitive advantages of a bank The authors consider actual questions of the backing of the competitiveness of the domestic banking system against the background of the intensification of European integration processes and a deterioration of the general economic situation in the country.

K. Shvabii The international experience of reforms in the sphere of taxation of incomes of the population The international experience of reforms in the sphere of taxation of incomes of the population during the period from the beginning of the 1980s till now in leading countries of the world such as those of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, EC, and East-European region is clarified. Objective and subjective preconditions for a realization of reforms and various types of taxation are analyzed. Current and expected tendencies of changes in this sphere are considered.

L. Shirinyan Improvement of the organization of finances and the taxation of Ukraines insurance companies The author systematizes the composition of monetary flows of Ukrainian insurance companies under contemporary conditions and modifies the existent classification of expenses and incomes of an insurance company by separation of the investment activity from the financial one. This allows one to introduce a differentiated taxation of insurance companies with regard for the kind, direction, volume, and results of the relevant activity.




V. Budkin An innovative model of development of national economies The author considers the basic approaches to the development of an innovative activity, separates its six main models [South-American, European, Japanese (jointly with Taiwan and South Korea), Chinese (jointly with Vietnam), Central European ones, and the model involving the CIS with different specific manifestations in Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, and other countries of this region]. The positions of net-exporters and net-importers of innovations in the world economy are estimated.




B. Paskhaver The Malthus binomial The interrelation of the rates of growth of a population and a food production which allows one to evaluate the dynamics of a food provision level was named the Malthus binomial. On the planetary scale, the food provision increases, which gives possibility for the mankind to increase its quantity. But, in a part of countries and in separate time periods, the food provision problem becomes acute. In Ukraine for the years of its statehood, the decrease in the agrarian production was greater than the decrease in the population, which requires an enhanced attention to the development of the agrisphere.




Drobyshevska T. Learn to be citizens




Bazylevych V. A new approach to the content and the methodics to lecture the macroeconomics




The regular 2nd session of the board of the public organization Union of Ukraines economists and the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference





The subscription to the journal Ekonomika Ukrainy is accepted at any post office of Ukraine for any term till the end of 2010. It is possible to buy separate issues at the specialized shop of the Publishing House Presa Ukrainy at the address:

50 Prospect Peremogi (Metro Station Shulyavska), Kyiv-47, 03047 Ukraine;

tel. (044) 454-84-39.






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