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We inform on the publication of the 12 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine printer friendly RSS facebook
16.12.2010 | 11:45 |



Yaremenko O. Liberalism, economic freedom, and state On the basis of the interpretation of the economic freedom as a historical formed means of the functioning of complicated economic systems, the genetic connection between the liberalizm and a state is demonstrated. The role of the institution economic freedom in the realization of liberal-democratic perspectives of the socio-economic development of Ukraine is characterized.



Yu. Kharazishvili, N. Dmytrenko A methodic approach to the estimation of the shadow employment in Ukraine The authors analyze the approaches to the quantitative determination of the shadow employment with the use of mainly statistical procedures such as a random inspection of households and a public opinion pool which are not exact a priori and propose an analytic method of quantitative calculation of the shadow employment with the use of the macroeconomic Alpha-model of the general economic equilibrium. The model is based on the hypothesis that the shadow employment is proportional to the coefficient of loading of a production capital for the shadow economy.

V. Kyslyi, T. Zharyk The development of transport-logistic clusters in Ukraine A state of Ukraines logistic sphere is considered, and some approaches to the creation of transport-logistic clusters as a tool to enhance the competitiveness of the national and regional economies. The composition of basic logistic operators is analyzed with the purpose to determine the core of a cluster.



S. Rybak, E. Kraichak Interconnection of the policy of states loans and budget conceptions The role and the meaning of states loans in the leading budget conceptions are considered, and the positive and negative aspects of the use of these loans for the financing of a deficit of the states budget are revealed.

S. Zakharin Financial tools of activization of the investment and innovative activities The state of the investment activity is analyzed, and the problems of the financing of investment and innovative projects are generalized. The roles of credit sources, budgets of various levels, and the share market in financing the investment process are considered. Some recommendations concerning the problems to improve the application of financial tools to a realization of the policy of activation of the investment and innovative activities are substantiated.




M. Makhsma Specific features of the modern labor market in Ukraines agrarian sector The author studies peculiarities of the formation and the development of the modern labor market in Ukraines agrarian sector, clarifies the problem of a disbalance of the market and its labor-excessive situation, and proposes some measures to optimize the agrarian labor market.




I. Synyakevych The strategy to overcome the global ecological threats The ways to overcome the global ecological threats related to changes in the climate and to the pollution of air and the World ocean are considered. The problems of the global control over the environment, the ecologization of the development of Earths civilization, and the creation of closed economic systems which favor a decrease in transport flows and the sanitation of the environment are clarified.



V. Kerunova Socio-economic questions of the improvement of the system of social insurance The fundamental bases of states system of socio-economic measures directed to the material support and protection of the population against social risks are analyzed. Some propositions to improve the system of social insurance during the present financial-economic crisis and in the future are given.




Bazylevych V. The fruitful synthesis of the theory and the practice of transformational changes in Ykraine




Sheludko E. The Second scientific readings in memory of the outstanding scientist Academician P.P. Borshchevskyi




Content of the journal Economy of Ukraine for 2010




The subscription to the journal Ekonomika Ukrainy is accepted at any post office of Ukraine for any term till the end of 2011. It is possible to buy separate issues at the specialized shop of the Publishing House Presa Ukrainy at the address:

50 Prospect Peremogi (Metro Station Shulyavska), Kyiv-47, 03047 Ukraine;

tel. (044) 454-84-39.



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