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We inform on the publication of the 1, 2011 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine printer friendly RSS facebook
10.01.2011 | 16:45 |



V. Heets The configuration of worlds geopolitical map and its problems The author characterizes the processes of transformation of worlds geopolitical map with regard for the crisis of global markets and substantiates the viewpoint on the domination of the process of formation of global regional unions, whose configurations have no final form till now, in the future. The problems are posed, as well as the approaches are analyzed, which concern a realization of the entry of Ukraine to those unions as a full-right participant, rather than a marginal one.

T. Efimenko Institutional control over the economic development The place and the role of states institutional control over the steady socio-economic development are determined. The influence of the budget-fiscal redistribution as a component of states institutional control on the formation of a competitive socially oriented informational economy is substantiated.



R. Grinberg The institutional reforms of market transformations The positive and negative results of market transformations are analyzed, and some conclusions which could be useful for both Russia and Ukraine about a correction of the further development are made.

A. Hrytsenko Methodological bases of the modernization of Ukraine The author considers the roots, historical place, and specific features of the modern liberalism which will be inevitably transformed to conservatism, on the one hand, or to socialism, on the other hand, by virtue of its internal dialectics. Some specific manifestations of these processes in Ukraine are shown.



Yu. Kindzerskyi The institution of a state and problems of the renewal of the industrial policy in Ukraine The author clarifies the drawbacks of the institution of a state in Ukraine which restrict the possibilities for the formation and the realization of an efficient industrial policy and progressive structural-technological transformations in production.

O. Pustovoit The market of consumer goods in Ukraine: tendencies of development and the influence on the economys structure The author studies a change of the business activity in 2009-2010 on the internal market of domestic consumer goods under the action of nonprice factors in demand and supply such as a change in the hryvnya exchange rate, the debts of consumers, the loss of populations trust to banks, the deficit of raw material resources, and a growth of the cost of labor force. Some forecasting estimates of the development of this market in the middle-term perspective and its influence on the future structure of the economy, as well as the proposals as for its regulation by the state, are presented.



O. Kuznetsov Specific features of the anticrisis program of the 20-person group Specific features of the realization of the anticrisis program of the 20-person group are considered, and the comparative analysis of the decisions proclaimed on summits and the actual actions of the group as for a withdrawal of the world economy from the crisis is performed. It is concluded that the proposed plan of reforms is insufficiently deterministic, because it includes no basically new approaches to the reformation of the model of socio-economic development which dominates now in the world.




L. Korniichuk Political economy: appearance and evolution The formation and the evolution of political economy are considered, and the modern state of the problem is critically analyzed.




Oskolskyi V. Ukraines union of economists is at the age of 20


The subscription to the journal Ekonomika Ukrainy is accepted at any post office of Ukraine for any term till the end of 2011. It is possible to buy separate issues at the specialized shop of the Publishing House Presa Ukrainy at the address:

50 Prospect Peremogi (Metro Station Shulyavska), Kyiv-47, 03047 Ukraine;

tel. (044) 454-84-39.



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