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We inform on the publication of the 3, 2011 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine printer friendly RSS facebook
17.03.2011 | 15:32 |





V. Tarasevych Ideological doctrines: civilizational aspects and national color The catholic-protestant foundations of the ideology of liberalism and neoconservatism are analyzed. The liberalization, capitalization, and socialization are considered as particular national and specific historical forms of the generally civilizational trends of individualization and societization. The specificity of ideological doctrines in Ukraine is studied in the context of the civilizational and national identities of the majority of Ukrainian citizens and the politico-economic realities. Advantages of the modernizational course to the democratic liberal socialization of the economy and the society are substantiated.




V. Kudryashov The condition of states finances and the directions of their sanitation The author analyzes the condition of states finances of Ukraine under conditions of the economic crisis, clarifies their characteristic features in the period of overcoming of their consequences, and determines the ways of the sanitation of states finances directed to economys stabilization and the solution of social problems.


V. Pylypiv On the question of the federalization of Ukraine: problems of the support of a budget self-sufficiency of regions The economic aspects of the expediency of the federalization of Ukraine are considered. The empiric studies of the interrelation of fiscal decentralization, management efficiency, and economic development are generalized. The taxation ability of regions is analyzed, and a nonuniformity of the interregional distribution of sources of separate taxes is revealed. The perspectives of the fiscal decentralization and the federalization of Ukraine are determined.


I. Bohdan Concessions in Ukraine: forms and ways of their introduction The international experience of applications of the concession form of a state-private partnership is generalized. The possibilities of the introduction of concession agreements in various forms in Ukraine are analyzed, and the problems and obstacles hampering the development of concessions are indicated. The administrative-organizational, economic, and financial measures aimed at the achievement of positive results in the development of the state-private partnership in the form of concessions are substantiated.




Paskhaver B. Losses of a bread-winner The insufficiency and the structural low-gradeness of nourishment are combined with the unprofitableness of one third of the operating agricultural enterprises. Therefore, a strategical task of the development of countrys food market is the backing of the production profitableness of foodstuffs and the accessibility of their consumption.


Ostashko T. Risks for the agriculture from the establishment of the zone of free trade with the EC Risks and advantages for Ukraines agriculture from the establishment of the zone of free trade (ZFT) with the EC are shown. The calculations of the price competitiveness of agricultural domestic products on the internal market are carried out for various scenarios of the agreement on ZFT.




Yarosh O., Pushkarov O. Ways to overcome the social injustice and the inequality in Ukraine The authors clarify the differentiation of incomes of citizens and prove the absence of the middle class. The strata of the population by the level of incomes are separated, and the danger of the present state for the society is indicated. The problem questions about a nonuniformity of the formation and the distribution of populations incomes are shown, and possible situations in the sphere of distributive relations are substantiated.




Hosh O. The socio-economic system of the reformed Ukraine: basic necessary innovations The author substantiates the position concerning the improvement of economic relations in Ukraine and considers the main directions of innovations such as the most efficient form of the management, directivity of the economy, development of market relations, and legitimation of a privatized property.


On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Doctor

of Economic Sciences L.P. Gorkina


The outstanding researcher of the economic ideas in Ukraine




Troinikova O. An economic approach to the safety of transport services A method of determination of the most efficient equipping of places of the crossing of one-level traffic flows with technical safety means or the application of road junctions on the basis of economic criteria is proposed.



To Yhe memory of V. E Novytskyi



The subscription to the journal Ekonomika Ukrainy is accepted at any post office of Ukraine for any term till the end of 2011. It is possible to buy separate issues at the specialized shop of the Publishing House Presa Ukrainy at the address:

50 Prospect Peremogi (Metro Station Shulyavska), Kyiv-47, 03047 Ukraine;

tel. (044) 454-84-39.


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