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We inform on the publication of the 4, 2011 issue of the journal "Ekonomika Ukrainy" (Economy of Ukraine), the monthly scientific edition of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finances, and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( printer friendly RSS facebook
17.05.2011 | 14:59 |





Gorkina L. Cooperation in the context of the liberal-democratic conception of a modernization of the society The author considers the cooperation as an integral component of a modernization of the society as a result of the liberalization of the economy in leading capitalistic states and the extension of this process to other countries. The historical economic excursus to the evolution of a scientific backing of the cooperative ideology in the context of modern problems of the theory and the practice of cooperation is proposed. It is proved that the character and socio-economic results of the development of cooperation in the world (including the post-socialist countries) confirm scientific-practical prospects of the liberal-democratic conception, which was proposed by Academician V. Heets, of the subsequent reformation of Ukraines economy.

O. Kantsurov. Institutionalism as the methodological-theoretic principles of contemporary reforms The shortcomings of economic transformations at the end of the XX-th century are considered, and the expediency of a reformation of the domestic economy on the methodological principles of the institutional theory which correspond to the needs of the evolutionary formation of an economic model of development with regard for the socio-economic, ethno-psychological, and moral-ethic national peculiarities is substantiated.



D. Preiger Ukraines transport infrastructure: a state and problems of the post-crisis development The state of Ukraines transport infrastructure by the most significant components is considered, and the role of the transport in the economic growth intensification is analyzed. With regard for the current program acts, some necessary measures concerning with a widening of the international collaboration in transport branches and the directions of modernization of elements of the transport infrastructure are proposed.

R. Nazarenko Key parameters of the efficiency of centralized purchases in the industry The author proposes a number of key parameters of the economic efficiency for the control over and the optimization of the centralized business-processes of purchase of raw materials, equipment, and services for enterprises entering the great industrial concerns. It is shown that the introduction of the given model of control will allow one to make the efficient managerial decisions aimed at an improvement of the supply.



I. Shovkun Taxation factors of the technological development of the economy The taxation factors of a technological development of the national economy are studied in the context of the post-crisis renewal of the economic growth. The qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the influence of taxes on the sectoral structure of the economy are analyzed. The conclusion about the nonuniformity of the interbranch distribution of a tax load is substantiated. Some conceptual directions to the improvement of the taxation system are proposed with the purpose to promote the technological development.

Yu. Radionov Actual problems of the development of interbudget relations The author considers the scientific-theoretic and practical bases of the development of interbudget relations, studies the present state of Ukraines budget system, and proposes some ways to the development of interbudget relations, which will allow one to improve a rational utilization of assets.




Yu. Zvyahilskyi Problems of the states control over wages in Ukraine Some problems of the organization of the payment for labor in Ukraine are considered, and certain directions to its improvement are proposed.




L. Melnyk, I. Degtyarova The ecologo-economic substantiation of economic decisions with regard for external effects The problems related to the external effects of the activity of economic entities are considered. These effects manifest themselves in various life spheres and affect the social, economic, and ecological development of territories. Taking these effects into account can ensure a change in approaches to the substantiation of the long- and short-term strategies with the socio-economic directivity.



A. Fisun Chinas economic break-through: advantages, perspectives, and problems The author considers the main principles of Chinas economic break-through into the community of highly developed countries of the world, analyzes the grafting of the mechanism of market economy to Chinas former command-administrative system and the protectionism of the domestic production, and gives some examples of the development of education and science which could be used in Ukraines economy.




Buleev I. The use of the vector analysis in economic theory


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