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EU - Ukraine Association Agenda (general information printer friendly RSS facebook
22.05.2013 | 16:44 |

Since the process of negotiation and ratification of the Association Agreement has been quite lengthy, thus during Ukraine - EU Summit, held on September 9, 2008 in Paris, the Sides have agreed to develop and implement a transitional tool for practical cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union (hereinafter - the new practical tools), which, simultaneously, should prepare the EU and Ukraine for the implementation of the Association Agreement and begin to act before its entry into force. The new practical tool aims to establish a common set of priorities for sectoral basis, based on the agreements have already been reached in the negotiations on the Association Agreement.

During the Thirteenth meeting of the Cooperation Council between the EU and Ukraine, held on June 16, 2009, the Sides approved a new practical tool "EU Ukraine Association Agenda" (hereinafter AAg). This Agenda came into force on November 24, 2009 with the completion of an exchange of notes between the Sides to implement appropriate internal procedures.

The aim of the AAg is to achieve significant results through the progressive implementation of a range of specific and practical measures. The AAg clearly identifies on a sectoral basis those sectoral priorities that require immediate action before the Agreement enters into force.

Priorities and measures agreed under the AAg, are subject to implementation in a phased manner.

The AA covers a wide range of issues in the following areas:

- political dialogue;

- cooperation on justice, freedom and security;

- economic cooperation;

- trade and trade-related issues;

- cooperation in the field of energy, including nuclear issues;

- other areas of cooperation.

In the economic cooperation area under the implementation of the AA Sides cooperate to support Ukraine in implementing a fully functioning market economy and the gradual approximation of its policies to the policies of the EU in accordance with the basic principles of macroeconomic stability, sound public finances, a stable financial system and sustainable balance of payments, and in particular:

         developing the capacity of Ukraine's macroeconomic forecasting;

         strengthening the independence of the National Bank of Ukraine;

         sharing the experience of the EU, including the ECB, in the cash rate and the policy of regulation and supervising the financial and banking sector;

         strengthening the stability and public finance management through implementing reforms of tax and expenditure;

         reducing government involvement in setting prices and introducing procedures for full price reproduction in accordance with the best EU practices;

         further development of open, competitive and transparent rules and procedures of privatization and their implementation in accordance with the best practices of the EU.


Nowadays, the measures are being taken to prepare offers of the Ukrainian Side concerning the content of the AA section "Trade and trade-related issues" considering the completion of negotiations on the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.




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