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Current status of negotiations within the framework of the Working Group for Economic, Sectoral, and Human Potential Development Issues версія для друку RSS facebook
09.09.2011 | 17:05 |

Part of the draft EU Ukraine Association Agreement which belongs to the scope of competence of the Working Group for Economic, Sectoral, and Human Potential Development Issues covers the greatest number of spheres, ranging from energy and transportation to culture and tourism, and includes 30 sections, in particular:

1.                                    Energy

2.                                    Macroeconomic cooperation

3.                                    Management of government finances: budget policy, internal control, and external audit

4.                                    Taxation

5.                                    Cooperation in statistics sphere

6.                                    Environmental protection

7.                                    Transportation

8.                                    Space exploration

9.                                    Research and development of technologies

10.                                Policy in spheres of manufacturing industry and entrepreneurship

11.                                Cooperation in mining and metallurgical spheres

12.                                Financial services

13.                                Law regulating companies foundation and operation

14.                                Information society

15.                                Audiovisual policy

16.                                Tourism

17.                                Agriculture and rural development

18.                                Fishing and marine policies.

19.                                Cooperation concerning the Danube River

20.                                Protection of consumer rights

21.                                Cooperation in spheres of employment, social policy, and equal opportunities

22.                                Public health

23.                                Education, training, and the youth

24.                                Culture

25.                                Cooperation in sporting and physical education spheres

26.                                Cooperation on civil society matters

27.                                Transborder and regional cooperation

28.                                Participation in EU programs and agencies

29.                                Legal status of workers

30.                                Financial cooperation, in particular, in combating fraud.

The most important results of negotiations with the framework of the Working Group include confirmation of agreement on the annexes to those sections of the EU Ukraine Association Agreement which contain references to approximation of Ukrainian law to the European Union law. In fact, these annexes provide adaptation schedules, stating the list of EU legislative acts and the timeframes for implementation of their provisions in Ukrainian law. This approach represents the best reflection of attempt to ensure the deepest possible economic integration of Ukraine into EU’s domestic market. Also, such an itemization of obligations concerning adaptation of the national law becomes main added value which makes difference between the Association Agreement and the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.

Since the start of negotiations the Working Group held 11 joint meetings, which since April 2007 were alternated between Kyiv and Brussels according to the agreement of the parties:

-                           in 2007: 2 April in Kyiv, 24 May in Brussels, 2-4 July in Kyiv, 17-18 October in Brussels, 11-12 December and 3January in Kyiv,

-                           in 2008: 12-14 March in Brussels, 2-4 June in Kyiv, 22-23 July in Brussels, 4-6 November in Kyiv,

-                           in 2009: 25-27 February in Brussels.


In order to accelerate negotiations, beginning from March 2009 the parties discuss the draft EU Ukraine Association Agreement in the video conference format.

69 video conferences were held in 2009, which resulted in the preliminary closing of discussions concerning 27 out of 30 sections of the draft Agreement.

In 2010 the parties held 14 video conferences to discuss annexes to the following sections: Financial cooperation (fraud combating issues), Taxation, Environmental protection, and Transportation.

The European party had also initiated a number of review sessions to harmonize the previously agreed-upon English-language texts of the draft Agreement.

Also, the Secretariat of the Working Group participated in the video conferences (11 in 2010 and one in 2011) which discussed the overall structure of the future Agreement and the obligation fulfillment monitoring procedure, and the dispute settlement issues.

To renew certain provisions of the draft Agreement, a number of video conferences was scheduled for September 2011. This is necessitated, in particular, by expiration of certain EU regulations which must be adapted in Ukraine as stipulated in annexes to sections of the draft Agreement, and by the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and its Member States about the Framework Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on the general principles of Ukraine’s participation in EU programs, which was signed at the Fourteenth EU – Ukraine Summit held in Brussels on 22 November 2010.


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